A free Java Files Renamer



07/08/2014 A brief presentation of JFRenamer

JFRenamer allow you to rename files with rules. You have to select a directory, create one or more rules, and you see directly a preview. You can after apply the changes or not.

You can also apply rules to all subdirectories.

An undo panel allow you to reverse the changes.

JFRenamer is written in JAVA, so you must have Java Version 1.6 ore more installed on your computer.

New help topic to use JFRenamer.

07/08/2014 New Version 1.0.15


  • Add directory level condition.
  • Bug fix subdirs not parsed if no change in first directory.
  • Add special confirmation for subdirs parse.
  • Clean preferences system and add a debug/develop page.
  • Build date and Eclipse version added to about window.
  • See the download section.

    05/04/2013 New Version 1.0.14


  • Add sub-directories parse.
  • Add condition LastChange.
  • Insert order after current order and not at the end of the list.
  • Bug fix not all 'if conditions' saved.
  • See the download section.

    07/01/2013 New Version 1.0.13


  • Bug fix 60 characters limit for direct renaming (ID: 3463359)
  • Add condition IsDirectory and IsFile.
  • See the download section.

    19/12/2011 New Version 1.0.12


  • Bug fix case renaming don't work (ID: 3425109)
  • Parameter for history size in preferences.
  • Add Hide/Show columns in the Files context menu.
  • Save the size and the visibility of the columns in the Files view.
  • See the download section.

    07/10/2011 Version 1.0.11


  • Bug fix in web rule (ID: 3153010)
  • Change Delete rule who don't need a specific property and use exclusively right panel.
  • Add Insert rule.
  • Disable rules display in gray.
  • Add rule in variables provider.
  • Bug fix, add sort for target column (ID: 3419909).
  • Add history with undo possibility.

    See the download section.

  • 07/01/2011 Version 1.0.10

    We do our best to improve this product. Some users find problems in the version 1.0.9, so we quickly release this V1.0.10 to fix it.


  • Bug fix in replace rule (ID: 3152186)
  • Bug fix the label in the Rule view stay when the rule is deleted (ID: 3151852)
  • Bug fix in the window installer the shortcut created on the desktop don't work (ID: 3151820)
  • Better scan for directories (conservation of the enable/disable state)
  • Bug fix refresh don't rescan the directory (ID: 3152475)
  • Bug fix NullPointerException on double click icon directory in Files view (ID: 3152470)
  • Bug fix Interface very slow with a remote file system (ID: 3152310)
  • See the download section.

    04/01/2011 Version 1.0.9 (Deprecated)

    This version work on Windows and LINUX


  • Permit negative length for all rules (and fix bug for the length field).
  • Lot of corrections for the 'n' variable.
  • You can edit the filename directly in the file view.
  • Add preference to disable/enable the restoration of application state.
  • Add preference to switch developer mode.
  • Bug fix for the directory history in the file list
  • Bug fix for systematic save orders on exit.
  • Bug Fix plugin_customization.ini don't allow shortcuts
  • Save state of the file list
  • LINUX Version
  • See the download section.

    14/12/2010 Version 1.0.8 (Deprecated)


  • Fix part of the name use in Rule If for RegExp and simple Search.
  • Fix Java null pointer exception on load order file.
  • Clean Rule View when load order file.
  • Implement confirmation for saving file on exit (with preferences)
  • Fix BUG in save file : the fields saved and loaded are inverted in some case
  • New general menu
  • Lot of bugs fixed for If/Then/Else
  • Installer version for Windows.
  • See the download section.