A free Java Files Renamer



JAVA 1.6 Prerequisites

JFRenamer is written in JAVA, so you must have Java Version 1.6 ore more installed on your computer.

You can download the last Java RunTime (JRE) HERE.

07/08/2014 New Version 1.0.15

The last version of JFRenamer is available on the SourceForge site :

  • Windows distribution : JFRenamer_setup_1.0.15.exe
  • Windows distribution without installer : JFRenamer_Windows_1.0.15.zip
  • LINUX distribution : JFRenamer_Linux_1.0.15.zip

  • JFRenamer All the file

    You can obtain all the different version of the Java File Renamer on the SourceForge site : HERE